If We Have Learned Nothing:

From the Ancients Tales
We know, if we have learned nothing else:

You can choose
the soil of the will,
Rocks, sand, or neat wet fronds-

can choose
what blossoms to plant upon the fields of the Heart,

You can hedge in with stones,
or you can reveal all that is within your fertile Soul,

You can name each bloom, every creature, and all of the stars beyond you,

Man can concur everything in his Dominion, Subjugate all he knows and sees, and is-

The Man
can guard
the Garden well;

What blossoms
will blossom-
What withers
must Die-

the Woman
in The Garden-

Her form,
Her distance,
Her tempest-
Or Her appeal-

The ripeness
of Her

No one
can know.

Not even
it seems…

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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The London Olympic Stadium is 53 meters high. This blog had about 380 visitors in 2012. If every visitor were a meter, this blog would be 7 times taller than the Olympic Stadium – not too shabby.

Click here to see the complete report.

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This Land Is Our Land

And all I

Was to

At sea.

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Spring Burial

I’ll suffer
no more kindness.

Give me not
one more Angel-

With eye’s that steal light
Like diamonds,

With bodies as taught
As a crucifix,

With wing’s as smooth
As ravens,

With shadow’s like blood
On the walls.

Give me a single

And let virgins
Lay my tomb.

Someday you’ll forget
This poem.

Someday they’ll forgive
This Age.

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The Hunt

I was born a babe
Set aside in the wilderness-

First I was afraid to walk,
And then I heard the drums-

Then I was afraid to die,
And so I learned to run.

I was a white fawn,
Wandering in my likeness-

Then I saw the Hunters,
They shot at me with bow and spear-

And still I ran farther,
Bleeding in the snow.

I became a hawk to fly,
And flew above their terror-

Then they reasoned, and fashioned fire,
And shot at me with bullets.

Knowing they would kill me
I soared-

Higher than the lowest pits,
Over all the Ages wide.

But the sky nurtures no one

So I fell again to the Earth,
Tired from the sun and flames.

I too aware to sleep
All too alive to dream-

I looked about me from the ground,
I saw the trees glimmer with old rains,
I heard the wind scatter the bright waters,
I saw the sacred
in the unseen-

And no more was the Hunt.

Silent were the drums.

And ceasing fear, and wonder-
Thinking “this is a beautiful place to die.”

And then finally
I could live,

And all the worlds
were mine.

Now knowing-

Nothing is.

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2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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In Blood And In Breath I Awake

I have loved so many things,
But none as much as Angel wings

I have hated many dreams,
Except the ones inside the seams

Reveal me in each revelry,
Dismiss me in my misery

I sing in universal time,
I polish opal golden chimes-

I wade into ether and starfrost,
And breath in the lunar embrace-

Manifest of creation
I single divide all of space!

And then I wake up,
In blood and in breath-

And I’m human.

This is all but another dream.

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Coming Home, Home Gone – Misanthropic Duality Gospel

Come home,
Home gone,

Light off,
Lights bright,

Day scream
Night wails,

Moon sings
Suns song,

A Single,
A Couple,


Old friends greet
Wishes of blessing-

New enemies born
To young yet to kill-

Wade in the furnace
Daniel’s dance too-

Ashes, Ashes,
We are but dust through-

We all rise-pheonix
We all fall down-

Thorn cloud halo Christ
Golden wreath Cesar-



Couples drunk single
Single drink dates-

Merely mercy from Baba
Less light from veneer-

Ripples on the wildest wing!
Horns off the sober Angel!

Anthrax Christ on the mount-
Satan sells ipods to infants-

All the children gather petals,
All withered, like snowflakes-

California dreams deserts oft,
Maine is a temple to season,

Fly- LA.yover- there beside that –
Fire, and see the cats eye love us-

White Cat,
little flame

All apologies- I’m mad at my-   image- released reflection-

Forget grammar, language and laminated identities-

Really we are
The moments passed-

Answer the door and close it-
In the faces of every clay mask*


This is a meaningless poem.

So Goddamn
Sacred Holy-

*Shattering them all into dust.

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Northern Bell Song (A Lament )

The bells are quiet
In Korea today-

It seems that an old god
Has fell by the way-

The icy lakes crack,
The mountain tops glow-

The children are weeping
Their blood is much thicker-

In death- bones, in life- fury,
Big Brother-wise king- all gaunt,

But the frost is a friend of silence,
And no wall can keep out Death-

And in man, Death lives
Life from him, he takes-

The bells are broken-
The spirit descends,

To the passage of Styx
He drinks away tyranny-

Memory is washed
Misery is clear-

But oh, Ill, a pale seed!
The king will endear-

An infant again,
A new baby North-

Possession son-
Chosen child of Death.

The South lights no Christ-
The new god has won.

Forgive us-

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Lady Ghost Beauty

I am a ghost-
I dwell in my tombs,
she is the spirit
who quiets the winds,

A pearl have I grown- untouched and silver,
she is the lady who changes like seasons,

All wisdom incarnate
Cannot speak my reason,
Forbidden to breath
or to now lament,

Have I a chance against such weathers?
Or should pearls remain
All kept in tight shells?

I know not the answers- yet in them she dwells;
The sacred unfoldment
Of heavens and hells:

The last lady of air
Who swells by the seas,
I’ll tell her I hear her
All kept by her breeze;

I am the lonely soul
Unkempt by the idols of ages,

I have forgotten the old gods,
I have forgiven the new-

For the glory of sunrise
And moonlight, is you.

I will watch you lady- like the evening,

I will wait on you love, all the stars,

It seems that by daybreak your nothing-

I wish only to know
what we are.

All weeping stormclouds tangled at her brow,
All birthplace has gathered
Beneath her silver wings,

Thunder breath, eyes of white fire- pupils wreath gold
All incarnate memories
Within her do fold,

Yet spirit, oh spirit- could I grasp at one form?
Or must I abandon
This idol I’ve born.

Temple tempest lady
How sure I have been
Of the latent lightning
You speak in between,

Gathering parishioner, of pagan and light-
Can you see true form
Together unite?

Tapestry hollow, of winter and bone,
Spring hair ocean
Summers lips known,

But to naked autumn
I’m afraid you will fade,
into the seasons of gods
we have made-

Prismatic lover, could you but want,
a single sun of your moon, or will you still haunt-

Tombstones of lovers
and graves you still frame,
I wait in the pyre
and sing in my flame,

Can you bold claim now
Just the glow of my sands?
I’ll show you bright showers
Lithe tears in God-hands.

Keen keeper of life
I watch through jade eyes
I am an Earth Idol
A man- none too wise.

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